The vision for the success of the companies we manage is not to be the best, but to be unique, because that’s the only way we can stay in the minds of our customers. Last but not least, success is based on our ability to make innovative decisions and be pioneers. We aim to be an organization that makes difference in the industry by applying efficiently the requirements of Quality, Food Safety and Guest Satisfaction, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Systems, sustainable environmental practices and expert staff adopted a continuous improvement approach based on legal requirements and protect the interest of all shareholders.

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Sustainability report

Travel Life Award: Sustainability in tourism
We are proud to have received high ranked certificate for our input in helping the environment. Aqua Nevis Club Hotel successfully attained the Travelife Gold status. The Travelife scheme awards hotels who improve their environmental management and social policy by working with and contributing to the local community. To gain the award, Hotel Odessos had to report their environmental footprint to independent auditors and adhere to internationally recognized standard of Best Practice. There is a strict selection process to achieve the award. The Travelife auditor looks at employment records and energy bills, interviews staff, and inspects the property thoroughly to ensure excellent environmental management. The scheme also examines the social policy of the business taking into account staff issues and community relations to mention a few.
The Gold status is given to businesses that display a very high commitment to sustainability and who encourage others to get involved, constantly seek new opportunities for improvement, and actively communicate their progress to others. With Travelife Gold Award the Aqua Nevis Club Hotel has shown great dedication to sustainable tourism for many years now.



What we do:

• We monitor the property’s water and energy consumption per guest night (pax)
• We inspect and provide preventative maintenance to all toilets monthly. We ensure toilets flush properly and are free of leaks and problems
• We train housekeepers to identify common maintenance problems (toilet leaks)
• We use an energy management system to turn electricity off in empty guest rooms
• We use energy-efficient lamps
• We use timers, occupancy sensors and photocells to keep lights and equipment on only when they are needed, and train staff to switch lights and equipment off when not in use
• We designed efficiency
• We introduce a towel reuse programme and change the bed linen every 3rd day
• We use refillable amenity dispensers in guest bathrooms
• We оnly replace partially used amenities on check-out
• We check for malfunctioning toilets, excessive water flows, leaking plugs and poorly fitting windows or doors
• We report leaks and malfunctions immediately for prompt repairs
• We collect the recyclables from guest rooms separately (paper, cans, glass, plastic)
• Food and beverage
• We reduce need to access walk-in freezers with an access control program. We inspect cold store door seals weekly for fitting and ice build-up
• We monitor food waste weekly
• We collect separately the recyclable items generated, such as cardboard, plastic, glass, metals, used cooking oil, fruit and vegetable waste
• We turn off kitchen and restaurant equipment when not needed (fans, burners, ovens, fryers, plate warmers, coffeemakers, toasters)

Park Hotel Odessos supports Agapedia Bulgaria
“If you want to help someone for a day, give him a fish, if you want to help him for a lifetime, teach him how to fish.”
The mission of Agapedia, Bulgaria is to help older orphans integrate in society by enabling them to develop basic social skills and working habits in order that they can support themselves, supply their own needs and are independent.
The goals are:
1. To assist orphans and disadvantaged teenagers in the development of social skills necessary for their successful transition to independent living and their integration into society.
2. To become a model program which can be duplicated in other areas of the country to further meet the needs of today‘s disadvantaged young people.
You can make a huge difference in the life of an orphan or abandoned child. Simply donate money in the Agapedia Donation Box on the Reception.
All funds will be donated to the Agapedia Bulgaria.( )